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Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who writes? There are gift certificates for five-week online classes available for $100. There are also gift certificates for private consultations: $25 to discuss/edit 25 pages of writing or $50 to discuss/edit 50 pages of writing. contact: for more info

Happy November!

We are in the beginning of the holiday season. You may want to give someone the gift of a writing class or gift yourself with such a class so you take the time out of your busy day to work on those writing projects you’ve been wanting to put down on paper. Please contact me for more information. I’m also available to work one-on-one with writers.

Reasons to Work With a Mentor

There’s no doubt about it: writing is a solitary experience. I have taught creative writing classes privately and at the university level for many years, and every now and then, I come across someone who I think may actually produce not only more, but stronger, writing if they were not bogged down in a workshop. When I was a MFA graduate student, there were many times I dreaded the three hour nightly workshop because I knew someone would be taking a beating while someone else would be getting endless praise. It was just a part of the workshop experience.

Some people may want to join a workshop to feel more connected with others who are also writing and to hear more responses about their writing. Sometimes being in an organized workshop helps a writer to feel more motivated to meet deadlines to write something new.

Perhaps a writer has already participated in several workshops and just wants to buckle down on one writing project without feeling obligated to provide critiques for other writers. Perhaps a writer feels uncomfortable asking friends to read their work because they ask too often, or their friends just say everything is great and to keep on writing, but you know the work could benefit from someone else’s honest opinion, ideally from a writer who understands the editing process. These writers may want to hire a mentor to not only help keep them on track, but to point out where the writing may need to be strengthened.

Next week a new online creative writing class begins. I am always available for private consultations also. Please contact me ( for more information.

Online Creative Writing Workshops Available in October

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Your head filling with ideas you wish you could put down on paper? Join this five-week online session without writers looking to work with others in a supportive, disciplined atmosphere. Each week participants will hand in new work and write critiques on the work submitted by other members.

This five week online workshop is open to any form of creative writing. Supportive environment. Prompts and readings will be provided. Class open to all. Class begins October 14 and ends November 11. $100 for five week session. Private Message with questions or concerns. Class is limited to 6 participants. You may pay by check, Apple Pay, or PayPal.Me/DisnePayne

Please email me for more info:

One-on-One Mentoring

Your head spinning with ideas? You have pages of work that you’d like someone read? This Mentorship is geared for people working on writing projects where they’d like to have continuous critiques and editing suggestions. You may sign up for a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 12 weeks ($20 a week). Ideally, you will be handing in new writing each week of up to 20 pages. If you have completed a large amount of writing for a novel or collection of stories/poems/essays, and are interested in a critique for that project, please contact me. This is more for those who want to keep writing and are hoping by having relatively quick feedback, you will feel more motivated to keep writing. I will also provide suggestions for places to submit your work. Payment : Paypal, Apple Pay, check. Let me know (e-mail: if you are interested and when you would like to begin (which is entirely up to you).Thanks!

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Writing Consultations/Editing/Classes

I am currently available to assist people with writing projects. These projects could range from articles that require proofing and editing to full length novel or short story/poetry collections.

I am also offering a variety of online creative writing classes. I will also provide classes in the Holland, Michigan vicinity.

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